A Proper Introduction to Slate Desktop

Slate Desktop Personalized Translation Engine

Slate is an application on your personal computer not the Internet. It lets you tap into your translation memories in unique, new ways. With its assistance, you create fresh and high-quality translations from your familiar computer-assisted tool (CAT).

Our customers have been enjoying these benefits since we launched Slate:

  • Broader range of suggestions: Slate works at a sub-segment level to deliver suggestions that fill the gaps in your translation memories, but it’s easier than your CAT tool’s segment assembly feature.
  • Meet turnaround times with ease: Slate drafts suggestion with your terminology and style. You spend less time fixing awkward mistakes and typical 5-day jobs are complete in 4 days.
  • Control when, where and how you work: Slate doesn’t replace your CAT tool. There’s minimal downtime learning because Slate connects to your CAT and works along side your TMs and termbases.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Slate converts your translation memories to translation engines on your PC. Nothing is exposed to the cloud. You honor your clients’ NDAs.

Slate Desktop Edition is not a machine translation service like Google Translate. We call Slate a personalized translation engine because the engine drafts translations on your PC that are personalized to your terminology and style.

A one time investment of the purchase price ($269 for one language or $549 for all languages) buys a tool that learns your translation style, keeps your work secure and reduces the stress of turnaround times. You don’t pay per-word fees. You’re not locked-in to a subscription.

Now that you’ve been properly introduced, please browse our website, https://www.slate.rocks/. You can see how to make the most of your translation memories, read product features, view video workshops and buy Slate Desktop at our online store.

Yours truly,
Tom Hoar
Managing Partner
Slate Rocks, LLC

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