About Slate Rocks LLC

Slate Rocks LLC is a software company developing cross-platform machine translation applications under the Slate™ brand (from tranSLATE). It sells products via its e-commerce website and supports hundreds of customers in over 30 countries around the globe.

Slate Rocks LLC is registered in Florida, USA with offices there, in Georgia, USA and Bangkok, Thailand. Two principles manage daily operations. A handful of capable freelance software developers maintain and update our software. We welcome your questions and comments, so please contact us.


We exist to simplify machine translation for professionals to use as a private productivity tool to deliver quality translations.


In 2015, we released Slate Toolkit™, the world’s first complete collection of 64-bit Windows compatible phrase-based statistical machine translation utilities. To my knowledge, it remains the only full-stack toolkit for Windows.

In 2016, we released Slate Desktop™ as the world’s first point-n-click business productivity application for professional translators that pairs the world’s most popular business productivity operating system, MS Windows, with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.


Powered by your translation memories, Slate Desktop™ applications present MT suggestions assisting you in Trados Studio, memoQ, CafeTran, OmegaT, other computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. They are available as prepackaged desktop applications from our website’s eStore. You buy, install, learn and use Slate Desktop™ without required maintenance contracts or specialized training.

Company Details

Slate Rocks LLC
Homosassa, Florida
United States of America

Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.slate.rocks/
Registration: L17000231960

About Tom Hoar

I’m the founder and managing partner at Slate Rocks LLC. I’ve worked in speech & language technologies all life. In early 2008, I was a firm believer that machine translation technology would never work. My world turned up-side-down when I saw statistical machine translation in action. I abandoned speech technology, shifted my career to machine translation and never looked back.

I was living in Thailand when I created my first company, Precision Translation Tools and later moved it to Singapore. In 2017, I founded Slate Rocks LLC in Florida, ISA with Del Winn, an attorney and 20-year colleague. Currently, I divide my time between Thailand, Florida and conferences somewhere in the world. You’ll find my resume on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tahoar/

I share my more personal background in this article, Who Am I and Why Translation

About Del Winn

Del is the co-founder of Slate Rocks LLC and lives in Georgia, USA. He is an attorney with significant international business expertise in finance, banking, real estate and intellectual property. Del is responsible for all legal and intellectual property relating Slate Rocks LLC.