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Who Are We?

We are translator advocates and international business experts who care deeply about how language technologies contribute to the future of translation services and the public good. We created Slate Rocks LLC in Florida, USA, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand where we draw on our expertise and we partner with experts.

We've been making MT applications with privacy protection for 10 years and learned valuable insights that specialized MT experts have missed. Only Slate Rocks pairs MT productivity technology with the world’s most popular business productivity operating system, MS Windows.

Slate Rocks works passionately with our visionary partners to transform the translation services marketplace to a safe neighborhood store where technologies enable authentic businesses of all sizes to safely conduct their businesses with integrity across the globe.

The Vicious Cycle

The early 1990s heralded an information and communication technology revolution. Translators with a PC became global entrepreneurs by connecting directly with customers anywhere in the world via the Internet. These technologies transformed translation services into a mission-critical industry that underpins globalized commerce. But there was a downside.

The translation services market became a dangerous place. Translators couldn’t remotely collect invoices from unscrupulous translation buyers. Translation buyers paid charlatan translators for poor translations they couldn’t read. Grievances grew on both sides.

Translation technologies and business processes evolve to manage the risks of a dangerous marketplace.

A vicious cycle quickly evolved. Translation agencies match qualified translators to specialized jobs. Language service providers validate quality. A cascading outsourcing supply chain from large companies to mid-sized to small agencies to freelance translators manages low resource languages.

Every translation technology and language service business process has evolved to address one risk while introducing another new risk. Management systems, ISO processes, CAT tools, translation memory technologies, machine translation technologies, the cloud, online portals, price controls, translator activity logging and more… 

Slate Rocks steps back from the vicious cycle to see our world from a fresh perspective. From there, we develop inventive holistic solutions.

Dangerous Place
Dangerous Place

Our Values


Unlike Internet machine translation service bureaus that hide their technology from you in cloud, we provide full transparency into what software runs on your computer, what it does and how it works with your data.

Personal Privacy

Threats to your personal privacy and professional data transcend ISO standards. We don’t add privacy. We leave out technologies that threaten you. No Internet. No activity logs. No data sharing. No metadata mischief.


We tell you what our products can and can’t do because even the best technologies have limits. We share facts, from the potential privacy risks to the linguistic quantity capabilities, to help you make informed choices.


We have a long track record serving and educating customers. We advocate optimal use cases for technologies to produce excellent results. Translators and agencies alike, excellence comes before our convenience.


Slate Rocks supports the translation community and our professional customer support extends to the entire Slate Rocks community, including free users.

"Professionals serve a world where quality has priority."
- Tom Hoar, Co-founder Slate Rocks LLC

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A collection of open source software to create and use phrase-based SMT models.

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Full-featured assistive translation software standard in one language pair for professionals.

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Full-featured assistive translation software for professionals with all supported languages.

Price: $549.00

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