Have We Been Using MT Wrong?

Machine translation (MT) technology has become a mainstream tool in the translation services market. Unfortunately, machine-translated segments are not created equal. Some are detrimental to a translator’s productivity. Therefore, a translator needs benchmarks that can predict, with a high degree of confidence, the likelihood that machine-translated segments from a given system will benefit his daily work productivity.

Slate and memoQ Speed My Work

Slate Desktop CAT Tool memoQ Admin

Igor Goldfarb’s shares his experience using Slate with patent translations for a year. He is one of the earliest Slate Desktop users. He’s been known to work with a timer next to his keyboard measuring how his personalized engine actually affects his productivity. Here’s what he says in Russian to his Russian colleagues that Slate and memoQ speed his work at least 30%. For a gist translation, our English readers can use the Google or you can read his English testimonial here: https://www.slate.rocks/igor-goldfarb/