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This spreadsheet is a financial model calculates the return on investment for Slate™ Desktop customized machine translation. You set project characteristics, such as Current productivity as words-per-day (e.g. 2,500 or 3,000) Average words per segment…

A new paradigm requires a leap of faith. This study presents an analysis of 73,150 translated segment pairs that are representative of 31 professional translators’ daily translation work. The translations cover 16 unique language pairs…

We can create specialized custom engines, automate Slate™ Desktop or create custom applications to your requirements. Send us a request for a quote. We'll work through a the details with you and agree on a…

COMING SOON: An online professional development course titled Machine Translation Fundamentals for Translators. Includes quizzes, practical exercises and a 60-day license for Slate™ Desktop Student. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive course status updates.

If you’re looking for a ready-made open source package to build machine translation solutions, you found it. Slate™ Toolkit adds phrase-based SMT model support to our commercial Windows and Linux products.

Slate™ Corpus is a specialized product for those who need to clean translation memories and convert them into a training corpus without the need to create the custom machine translation engines.

How to Pay by Credit Card Using PayPal

We use PayPal as our payment gateway. You don’t pay any service fees and you can pay by major credit card, debit card or a a PayPal account. PayPal offers different payment forms. The form you see depends on the country where you are located. Here are two possible user experiences to pay pay by credit card.

Possibility 1

1) From our checkout page, complete your purchase with the “Purchase” button (above)

2) PayPal’s form will appear. Click the “Check Out as a Guest” button. This screen shot is from the USA and Thailand. Customers have reported that the “Check Out as Guest” button can have a very different.

3. As PayPal’s guest, you will see the “Pay with debit or credit card” page. Fill in the details and Paypal will process your payment.

Possibility 2

In other countries, PayPal may present this credit card payment form might.