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Slate™ Desktop Pro is machine translation for translators, translation teams, agencies and small LSPs. It extends Slate™ Desktop features with support for multiple language pairs and installation on two PCs.

Slate™ Desktop is machine translation for freelancers and translation teams working a single language pair. Its machine translations are fully adapted to your knowledge and style in your translation memories.

Slate™ Toolkit is a ready-made open source distribution of the machine translation tools for phrase-based SMT models that we developed to support our commercial Windows and Linux Slate™ Desktop products.

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The PayPal gateway offers different payment forms depending on the country where you’re located. In our experience, we’ve ween these two possible forms to pay by credit card. There may be more.

Credit Card with PayPal Gateway

First from this Checkout page, complete your purchase with the “Purchase” button (above).

Possibility 1

PayPal’s form will appear. Click the “Check Out as a Guest” button. This screen shot is from the USA and Thailand. Customers have reported that the “Check Out as Guest” button can have a very different.

Possibility 2

In other countries, PayPal may present this credit card payment form might.

Credit Card Form

As PayPal’s guest, you will see the “Pay with debit or credit card” page or something similar. Fill in the details. Paypal will process your payment.