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Slate Corpus™ is the corpus preparation tool in the Slate Desktop™ suite, packaged as a stand-alone application. Use it to convert translation memories to training corpora for any machine translation system.

Slate Connect™ is the machine translation CAT tool connector in Slate Desktop™, packaged as a stand-alone application. Work with machine translation on the road or share it with colleagues.

Credit Card with PayPal Gateway

Fill-in the purchase information on this Checkout page. Then, click the “Purchase” button (above). PayPal’s page offers different payment forms depending on where you are located. Without a PayPal account, PayPal refers to you as a “Guest.” We’ve experienced these two PayPal credit card forms. There may be others.

Possibility 1

PayPal’s form appears. Click the “Check Out as a Guest” button. This screen shot is from the USA and Thailand. Customers have reported that the “Check Out as Guest” button can have a very different.

Possibility 2

In other countries, PayPal presents other credit card payment forms, such as this one.

Credit Card Form

PayPal displays a “Pay with debit or credit card” page or something similar. Fill in the details. PayPal will process your payment and Slate Rocks LLC never receives your credit card number.