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How to Pay by Credit Card Using PayPal

We use PayPal as our payment gateway. You don’t pay any service fees and you can pay by major credit card, debit card or a a PayPal account. PayPal offers different payment forms. The form you see depends on the country where you are located. Here are two possible user experiences to pay pay by credit card.

Possibility 1

1) From our checkout page, complete your purchase with the “Purchase” button (above)

2) PayPal’s form will appear. Click the “Check Out as a Guest” button. This screen shot is from the USA and Thailand. Customers have reported that the “Check Out as Guest” button can have a very different.

3. As PayPal’s guest, you will see the “Pay with debit or credit card” page. Fill in the details and Paypal will process your payment.

Possibility 2

In other countries, PayPal may present this credit card payment form might.