Organize Translation Memories

SlateMT makes it easy to organizing your TMs. Just select set the labels describing the data, select the TMX files and import them into SlateMT‘s inventory. You start with translation memories from your CAT tool like Trados Studio, memoQ or another. Use the CAT tools to convert its TMs into translation memory exchange (TMX) files. Import the TMX files into Slate’s inventory. As you import, assign labels that indicate the client, subject matter and project type.

The TMXs will include include the source language segments, their translations and a wide variety of other descriptive information. SlateMT has powerful tools that separate the segments from the other information in preparation to convert them to MT engines. For example, if you consolidated many translation memories into one “big mama” TM, Slate Desktop has tools to curate its translation units back into discrete TM according to the properties stored in the TM.