English to Danish QMT Engine

This package contains a ready-made Quantum Machine Translation™ (QMT™) engine to import and immediately use in Slate Desktop™, Slate Desktop Pro™ and Slate Connect™.

Engine Nameen-da-ep7_20191011c
Subject/specialtyGeneric, parliament debates
Source languageEnglish (en)
Target languageDanish (da)
BLEU score48.70099
Quality quotient (QQ)15.0%
Edit distance per line (Levenshtein)35.6
Evaluation segments (count)2,359
BLEU 1.0 segments (count)359
Evaluation set (free download)Download Free
Training Resources
Parallel Training Corpusep7_20191011c
Source/target pairs (count)140,420
Lexicon, source language (words)37,540
Words, source language (total)2,219,610
Lexicon, target language (words)70,565
Words, target language (total)2,009,366
Monolingual Training Corpusep7_20191011c
Target segments (count)147,161
Lexicon, target language (words)75,518
Words, target language (total)2,236,584
Original EuroParl v7.0 total segment pairs1,968,800