English to Greek qmt™ Engine

slate® qmt engine – a ready-made quantum machine translation engine to import and use immediately in slate® connect, slate® desktop, and slate® desktop pro.

Engine Nameen-el-ep7_20191011e
Subject/specialtyBroad subject range, informative tone
Source languageEnglish (en)
Target languageGreek (el)
BLEU score49.85391
Quality quotient (QQ)10.0%
Edit distance per line (Levenshtein)41.1
Evaluation Set (free download)2,366 segment pairs
BLEU 1.0 segments (count)247
Training Resources

This package includes the engine’s training corpus. We used the qmt strategy to create the smallest possible training corpus that maximizes machine translation post-editing productivity.

Parallel Training Corpusep7_20191011e
Source/target pairs (count)169,400
Lexicon, source language (words)42,071
Words, source language (total)2,978,493
Lexicon, target language (words)83,423
Words, target language (total)2,933,084
Monolingual Training Corpusep7_20191011e
Target segments (count)180,710
Lexicon, target language (words)90,427
Words, target language (total)3,371,903
SourceEuroParl v7.0
Total segment pairs1,235,976