slate desktop pro®

This is an integrated application suite configured for multi-language vendors to build and use customized machine translation engines. It includes Slate Corpus® to prepare and manage MT training corpora and Slate Connect® to integrate engines into CAT tools.

The machine translation engine is responsible for your post-editing experience. To maximize your post-editing satisfaction and bottom line, you need to stop post-editing MT with other translators’ words. You need an engine that generates MT with your words in your style.

Slate Desktop Pro® is a suite of these three powerful applications to build customized machine translation engines and post-edit with your CAT.

Slate Corpus® – Every machine translation engine starts as a training corpus. Corpus management directly impacts the quality of MT you post-edit. Slate Corpus® converts translation memories into training corpora, organizes training corpora in a reusable inventory and prepares the corpora before building an engine

Slate Toolkit® – Advanced machine learning technology learns to translate by studying a training corpus. It learns vocabulary, grammar, syntax, terminology and preferences from the corpus. Slate Desktop® saves the corpus knowledge and translating style in customized machine translation engines. When you convert your translation memories to the training corpus, the engine has no choice but to learn to translate with the words and style in your TMs.

Slate Connect® – The advanced artificial intelligence in Slate Connect® uses your customized machine translation engine to generate the MT you post-edit in your CAT. It doesn’t make the typical mistakes that Ready-Made® and online engines make. It knows that embarazada in Spanish is not embarrassed in English. It knows you prefer “my e-mail“, not “my email” or “my eMail.”

Slate Desktop Pro® is perfect for individual translators, teams and multi-language vendors. You can build an unlimited number of customized translation engines in all language pairs. It’s licensed to install on two PCs.

The build cycle depends on the size of your translation memories and your PC spec. With 80,000 to 100,000 segments in your translation memories and the modern PC that runs your CAT tools, the typical the build cycle finishes overnight.

When the build cycle is complete, the new engine automatically appears in your CAT tool’s Slate Desktop® plugin configuration. You can also export your engines to use on another PC with Slate Connect®.

Single-language vendors should see Slate Desktop®.