slate® desktop pro

This is an integrated application suite configured for multi-language vendors to build and use customized machine translation engines. It includes slate® corpus to prepare and manage MT training corpora and slate® connect to integrate engines into CAT tools.

The machine translation engine is responsible for your post-editing experience. To maximize your post-editing satisfaction and bottom line, you need to stop post-editing MT with other translators’ words. You need an engine that generates MT with your words in your style.

slate® desktop pro is a suite of these three powerful applications to build customized machine translation engines and post-edit with your CAT.

slate® corpus – Every machine translation engine starts as a training corpus. Corpus management directly impacts the quality of MT you post-edit. slate® corpus converts translation memories into training corpora, organizes training corpora in a reusable inventory and prepares the corpora before building an engine

Single-language vendors should see slate® desktop.