Slate™ Starter Edition

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xslate satisfaction seal enSlate™ Starter Edition is our entry-level product. It follows Slate™ Desktop Edition‘s lead, with standard assistive translation features for professionals. It’s a convenient drop-in replacement for cloud-based machine translation services at a price that meets every budget.

Slate Starter Features


Perpetual License

You purchase Slate under a perpetual, royalty-free end-user-license agreement (EULA) to use the Slate software on your machines. There are no subscriptions or hidden fees. When your needs grow, just buy another license for a new machine.

Two Languages

SlateMT supports two languages from among the 33 possible languages. With your TMs, it can can translate between the two languages in either direction.


Your single-user license allows you to install your SlateMT product on MS Windows, Linus or MacOS. If your product allows multiple activations, you can install and activate each instance on different operating systems.

Maintenance Updates

Software maintenance updates, occasionally with new features, are available any time. Just sign-in to our website and download the newest update from your customer dashboard.

Technical Support

Your Slate purchase includes access to technical support via our online support portal, https://support.slate.rock.

Single Activation

Your single-user license allows you to install your Slate product on one machine. The installer activates the installation with our activation server. The uninstaller automatically reverses it. You can purchase Slate Connector Edition to work with your engines another computer to work on-the-road at a conference or to pretranslate projects for distribution.

Money-back Guarantee

We understand that our translation market is risky. That’s why your Slate Deskotp Edition and Slate Starter Edition purchase includes a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You’ll experience Slate‘s features and we will provide unparalleled support while you evaluate how your translation memories perform as an engine.

If you’re not fully satisfied, uninstall the Slate™ and request a refund within 60 days of your purchase. We will refund your full purchase price immediately – no questions asked.

Expert Review

We’ll help you understand how your first engine performs. Send us the automated evaluation report. We’ll review the performance with you.


Slate Desktop Pretranslate Files

Pretranslate Files

SlateMT supports file formats like TMX and XLIFF files to pretranslate projects outside your CAT tools.

Slate Desktop Using Terminology Glossaries

Forced Terminology

The SlateMT adapts engines to support unknown terms and force terminology for clients and projects with terminology or glossary file.

Supported CATs

After you create SlateMT engines, they automatically appear as machine translation providers in your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. We support you with Trados Studio, memoQ, CafeTran and OmegaT, with more to come.

Slate Samples

Samples include translation memories and other files to help you learn and practice.

Weighted Updates

You can update SlateMT engines with new translation memories you collect as you work and favor newer segments as more important older the ones.

Terminology On-The-Fly

A new term pops up while your working. Just a couple of keystrokes on-the-fly adds the source and target term pair to your engine and you don’t need to repeatedly changing your engine’s suggestions.

Organize TMs

Organize translation memories by client, subject matter and project type in SlateMT‘s inventory. SlateMT cleans and prepares them to build customized machine translation engines.

Build Engine

Build customized and personalized SlateMT engines from translation memories in your inventory that outperform generic Internet machine translation services.

Evaluate Engine

Evaluate each SlateMT engine’s unique performance. A summary report shows an engine vital signs that tell you what performance to expect when you work.


Operating Systems

    • Microsoft Windows, 64-bit
      • Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 1
      • Windows 8 or 8.1 64-bit
      • Windows 10 64-bit
    • Linux, x86_64 kernel version 3.2+
      • Ubuntu 16.04 or newer (other Debian-based on request)
      • CentOS/RHEL-based (other RPM-based on request)


    • Processor (CPU): x86-64/x64 quad-core processor at 2.5 GHz or faster
      • Intel Core i3 (i7 4th gen or newer strongly recommended)
      • AMD Athlon 64
    • RAM (memory): 4 GB, 8 GB strongly recommended (16+ GB ideal)
    • System Hard Disk (program storage): 2 GB consumed by installation files
    • High-Performance Disk Space (workspace): 40+ GB of free space (250 GB or more strongly recommended)

Translation Memories

    • Personalized engine: 70,000 to 150,000 sentence segments.
      • One full-time translator’s production for 3 to 4 years is sufficient to create a personalized engine.
    • Customized engine: 200,000 to 500,000 sentence segments.
      • An engine for a team of translators requires more.
    • There is no upper limit.
      • Too many segments increases the risk of degrading the engine from peak performance.

Open Source Components

Open Source Licenses

SlateMT uses a collection of software components written by many authors and contributors, on many different projects. We distributed these components under their respective open source licenses. They, in turn, can have parts that come from different sources and/or are licensed differently. The source code and licensing for these are at these links:

* slatetoolkit (scripts under AGPL v3, plus files from Moses and MGIZA++)
* moses (mostly LGPL v2.1 or later)
* MGIZA++ (mostly GPL v2 or later)
* European Parliament corpus (public domain)
* GNU sort.exe, split.exe, gzip and bzip* (various LGPL/GPL)

Where the license is listed as “…or later,” you have permission to redistribute under that license version or, at your option, later versions of that same license.

Perl Runtime

Perl is a free open source runtime environment with supporting core components. (includes: Date::Format)

Python Runtime

Python is a free open source runtime environment and supporting core components. (includes pip, pywin32, six, numpy, nltk, lxml, regex, polib, jieba, PyArabic, tinysegmenter3, wxPython)

GNU Utilities

The GNU Utilities are separate but essential open source utilities that is the Moses Toolkit must have to create SMT models.


MGIZA++ is an essential open source utility that is the Moses Toolkit uses to create SMT models.

Moses Decoder

The decoder is the utility that converts source to target text using SMT models created by the toolkit.

Moses Toolkit

The toolkit, derived from the original Moses open source project, is a collection of open source utilities that create SMT models.