Learn & Adapt

SlateMT adapts to use your terminology when it builds your personalized engine from your translation memories. It offers “e-mail” spelled with a hyphen and a patient “suffers symptoms” and a clinical trial “promotor” (in Spanish) is “sponsor” in English because these are the expressions in your TMs.

SlateMT simply passes unknown source terms that it didn’t learn during the build to the target as untranslated words. There are three adaptive features to improve your experience.

Slate Desktop Using Terminology Glossaries

Forced Terminology

The SlateMT adapts engines to support unknown terms and force terminology for clients and projects with terminology or glossary file.

Weighted Updates

You can update SlateMT engines with new translation memories you collect as you work and favor newer segments as more important older the ones.

Terminology On-The-Fly

A new term pops up while your working. Just a couple of keystrokes on-the-fly adds the source and target term pair to your engine and you don’t need to repeatedly changing your engine’s suggestions.

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