Build Engine

Build customized and personalized SlateMT engines from translation memories in your inventory that outperform generic Internet machine translation services.

The feature to build your own engines is what sets SlateMT apart.

Other desktop MT software let you switch dictionaries for specialized terminology, but the core translation rules are fixed and custom dictionaries are complicated to create and expensive to buy.

Online MT services give you options to build custom SMT or NMT engines, but you must give them your translation memories and your subscription includes only a limited number of builds. 

The SlateMT build processes convert your translation memories and terminology files to SMT engines.

  • Advanced machine learning creates translation rules with your words and style.
  • Translation memories stay on your machine, safe from the Internet.
  • Build countless engines with different translation memories at no additional cost.

The conversion processes run on your computer, typically overnight. SlateMT adds the engine to your dashboard inventory. From there you can evaluate the engine’s performance, use the engine immediately or  deploy it to another system.

Training an SMT system was complicated when the technology was new and used an academic research tool. The video Training a Moses MT System shows the academic experience. By comparison, we designed SlateMT as a business productivity tool for business users. The Build Engines video shows how to build an engine.