Slate Rocks supports the translation community and our professional customer support extends to the entire Slate Rocks community, including free users.

First Trans Tech Summer School KUL

Slate Rocks LLC presented Statistical Machine Translation as a Corpus Tool for Translators at the first Translation Technology Summer School at KU Leuven on September 1, 2016.

METM16 – Tarragona, Spain

Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) is a nonprofit association of English-language editors & translators registered in Barcelona, Spain. We sponsored the 2016 MET annual meeting (METM16) and donated two Slate Desktop licenses as raffle prizes to support their mission as a knowledge-sharing and peer-teaching network of professionals.

Translators Without Borders

We support Translators Without Borders, a non-profit organization registered in the USA and other countries, in their vital mission to provide people access to vital, life-saving knowledge in their language.

Slate Desktop on the Web

There’s the catch-22. Customer privacy is our prime directive. Slate is fundamentally about respecting customers’ confidentiality. So, we don’t burden customers to publicly disclose their experiences. It’s not their responsibility to do our advertising. We don’t violate their trust and we’re grateful for those who have provided testimonials. We don’t even hold back reports that Slate wasn’t beneficial. It’s important that new customers know that we’ll fully support them during their trials and we will respect their decisions no matter what.