File Types

Slate reads and writes these standards-based localization file types:

  • Text files with UTF-8 character encoding, Linux or Windows new line separators
  • Tab-delimited files are specialized Text file (as above) with one tab per line. Text left of the tab is the source language. Text right of the tab is target language.
  • TMX – translation memory exchange up to version 1.4b
  • XLIFF – XML Localization Interchange File Format version 1.2 (.xlf, .xliff, .sdlxliff, .mxliff, .mqxliff)
  • Gettext .po and .mo files

You can pretranslate from and to these supported file formats in SlateMT‘s dashboard and distribute the pretranslated documents to colleagues who do not have SlateMT.

Use your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool to read and write non-localization files like .docx, .xlsx, etc. Add your document to your project and the CAT exchanges segments with SlateMT.