Are you a freelancer without freedom? You don’t have time for what’s important to you? Does it seem you continuously struggle to meet tight delivery schedules? SlateMT is your personalized assistant. It effortlessly boosts your performance, leaving you with more free time on the weekends for family and friends.

Here’s how it works…

Drafted suggestions from your SlateMT engine have your words and style that fit your work. They require fewer edits to fix. Many customers discover their engines often create error-free drafts that they simply proofread. As a result, you finish projects in less time with less stress, leaving you with more free time.

Machine translated drafts from online MT service bureaus are a blend of the most frequently used words from many translators with different preferences and styles. Many translators report that the result is a hodgepodge that is stressful and time-consuming to post-edit.

You’re liberated from the need to find WiFi or fast a 4G connection. You can install SlateMT and your engines on different computers and work wherever you go.