Open Source Components

SlateMT uses a collection of software components written by many authors and contributors that are parts of many different projects. We distributed these components under their respective open source licenses. They, in turn, can have parts that come from different sources and/or are licensed differently. The source code and licensing for these are at these links:

Where the license is listed as “…or later,” you have permission to redistribute under that license version or, at your option, later versions of that same license.

License files

All of these licenses are open. We try to include all relevant licenses in this directory. Some of the licenses require this, though most do not. If you find one that we left out, even if there is no requirement for us to include it here, please let us know.

You fill find here the text of various common licenses:

In addition, some parts of the software come under different licenses, mostly BSD or MIT or derived from them. These are included as separate files named after the software that they cover.

Original versions of the GNU licenses are available from the GNU project website.

Older versions of the GNU Lesser General Public License were also known as the Library General Public License. The General Public License in turn was originally called the GNU Public License.

Which license?

Slate Toolkit

Slate Rocks wrote some additional scripts specifically for use in Slate Toolkit. They are licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 (or later at your option). You should find a copyright header in each of these scripts, specifying authorship and licensing.

European Parliament Corpus

This data is commonly used as a starting corpus for statistical machine translation. It appears to be in the public domain. The download page says “We are not aware of any copyright restrictions of the material.”

Additional utilities

The Windows and macOS versions of Slate come with a few more additional utilities which you may already have installed on your system, but which are essential for correct operation. Here’s where we got them and how they’re licensed:

Component Details

Perl Runtime

Perl is a free open source runtime environment with supporting core components. (includes: Date::Format)

Python Runtime

Python is a free open source runtime environment and supporting core components. (includes pip, pywin32, six, numpy, nltk, lxml, regex, polib, jieba, PyArabic, tinysegmenter3, wxPython)

GNU Utilities

The GNU Utilities are separate but essential open source utilities that is the Moses Toolkit must have to create SMT models.


MGIZA++ is an essential open source utility that is the Moses Toolkit uses to create SMT models.

Moses Decoder

The decoder is the utility that converts source to target text using SMT models created by the toolkit.

Moses Toolkit

The toolkit, derived from the original Moses open source project, is a collection of open source utilities that create SMT models.