Requesting Technical Support

Instructions for requesting technical support, an important part of your Slate™ Desktop experience.

There are two ways to request technical support.

Priority Support

Sign-in to our support site, select the New Ticket tab and fill in the form. The help desk system will notify us immediately and track our progress.

Standard Support

Send an email to [email protected]. There may be a small delay before we check this email account.

Communication Details

Please include the following information in your communication.

  • Product registered email to help us identify your account
  • Product and version (e.g. Slate Desktop version 1.6.6)
  • Operating System and version (e.g. Windows version 10)
  • CAT tool name and version, if applicable
  • Description of the problem. Try to include detail that helps me recreate it.
  • Attach the installation log file
  • Attach screen capture of error dialog if possible (C:\xslate\System\slatedesktop\installer.log)
  • Attach the “catch-all” error log files in your system %temp% folder.
    • Open Windows Explorer
    • Enter %temp% [enter] in the address line
    • Explorer will take you to the temp folder.
    • Find the files and Slate_Desktop.pyc.stderr.log.

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