Superior Quality

Generic MT service bureaus deliver one-size-fits-all quality. Some Internet services customize engines that delivers hit-n-miss quality. Slate™ Desktop tailors your personalized translation engine to you. It learns your writing style from your TMs and creates superior suggestions with your words and style.

Slate™ Desktop creates quality draft translations with your words and style more often because personalized and customized machine translation learns from your translation memories and adapts as you work.

Online service bureaus configure their MT technology to satisfy their needs when delivering services to a wide range of translation needs everywhere in the world. As a result, their quality never reaches the technology’s full potential. It’s generic, one-size-fits-all quality.

Customized MT delivers better quality than generic MT because we take customization to the next level. We configure Slate™ Desktop to satisfy your needs as one professional working on your device. You add your translation memories complete the personalization. Together, our technology and your TMs make personalized MT engines that are customized to your work and deliver maximum quality.

Whether you are one translator, one agency or one enterprise, you experience the technology’s optimum professional quality.

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