User Friendly

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are advanced technologies that sound intimidating. Slate Rocks! specialized in creating user-friendly applications that make these technologies intuitively work for you. Technophobe or engineer, reuse your knowledge of TMs and CAT tools. You’re up and running in no time.

SlateMT applications are packed with powerful, mature artificial intelligence software that form the core of most modern machine translation systems.

For comparison, these two videos demonstrate the user experience with the open source software

With this as the starting point, we create SlateMT applications to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly and easy-to-use experience.


SlateMT reuses terms and concepts that you already know from your experience with your CAT and other language tools. What feels like intuition is really a fast learning experience based your familiarity with the tools you already use.

User Friendly

It’s been said that SlateMT is a graphical “wrapper” around the complex open source software. Although it’s true that there’s nothing “user-friendly” about the tedious command-lines of in the two videos above, SlateMT is much more than a wrapper. From installing the applications, to progress bars that tell you what’s happening, to copying your engines to another machine, we design every aspect of SlateMT to give the best possible user experience.


“Easy” is not created equal. What’s easy of a software nerd is not easy for a freelance translator. We’ve done our best to make SlateMT easy for translators. That’s why we didn’t create yet another CAT tool (YACT). In fact, SlateMT is not a CAT tool at all.

SlateMT plugs-in to the CAT you already know how to use. The obvious benefit is you don’t need to learn another CAT. SlateMT engines automatically appears as an MT provider in your CAT tool. You continue to use the CAT, glossaries and other tools you already know. You don’t need to change.

There’s a second, not-so-obvious benefit. Translators often use different CAT tools for different clients, and spend a lot of time converting custom glossaries and termbases between them. SlateMT engines automatically appear in the CAT as an MT provider. You use your engine in memoQ today and in Trados Studio tomorrow without changing anything.