User’s Manual

Quick-start guide, instructions and technical details. Some content is restricted to Slate™ Desktop customers.

This User’s Manual has three major sections: Introduction, Chapters and Appendices. Some content is restricted to customers.


The Introduction includes product information for customers and guests.


System requirements, activation options, licensing options, features, technical summary & more.

Quick Start

When you start with the best practices, your first Slate™ Desktop translation engine will be ready in no time!


Lessons instruct application use and Strategies share approaches to achieve different goals.

1. Installation & Updates

Details about installing, updating and uninstalling Slate™ Desktop.

2. The Training Corpus

What is a training corpus and how does it differ from translation memories? Learn to select the best resources and use best practices to convert them to a training corpus.

3. The Engine

What is an “engine?” How do you make one? What’s the difference between build, train and tune? Everything you need to know about engines, building and maintaining them.

4. The Evaluation

Tools, strategies and best practices to evaluate an engine’s capacity to render translations that reduce the translator’s work .

5. The Deployment

Translate with your engines on the build machine or deploy them to other machines. Work while you travel. Share engines with colleagues.

6. Translate & Automate

Work with Slate™ Desktop engines in your CAT tools or integrate your engines into your applications.

7. Learn & Adapt

Slate™ Desktop runs advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies on your computer.


Shared information that spans several Chapters and Lessons.

Appendix 1 – Language Details

List of languages, language codes and other language-specific information.

Appendix 2 – Glossaries

Terminology use in this manual and technical support correspondence.

Appendix 3 – Miscellaneous Instructions

Instructions for various techniques that span multiple Chapters and Lessions.

Appendix 4 – Moses Core

The Moses Decoder is one of many open source components that make Slate™ Desktop possible.