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Personalized machine translation is machine translation customized to your personal preferences, to deliver quality your way. It outperforms ALL run-of-the-mill machine translation... PERIOD! Personalized machine translation boosts productivity! – If you know what you’re doing.

Why focus on productivity? Because it give you the time and opportunity to achieving your dreams. Fee time is an opportunity to serve customers or make more money. After all... time is money.
Free time is an opportunity for quality family time, leisure or travel.

Whatever your dream, productivity gives you time to enjoy it.

Slate products deliver personalized machine translation for individual freelance translator and agencies, for one language pair or dozens, and all boost your productivity to achieve your dreams. Compare...

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Full-featured assistive translation software for professionals with all supported languages.

Price: $549.00

Full-featured assistive translation software standard in one language pair for professionals.

Price: $269.00

Connect your CAT tool to any Slate™ engine created with other Slate products.

Price: $49.00

Organize and prepare translation memories without Slate™ engines tools.

Price: $129.00

A collection of open source software to create and use phrase-based SMT models.

Price: $30.00

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Compare Products


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