Slate Desktop™ memoQ connector

Slate Desktop for Windows now connects with memoQ

Joint announcement from Slate Rocks and Kilgray dated April 19, 2016 announcing the release of memoQ build 124 with built-in plugin support for Slate Desktop™ personalized translation engine™.

With the recent update to memoQ, Slate connector is now available for translators to access their personalized translation engine™ running on their desktop – directly from within their own memoQ workspace.

Slate Desktop™ is a unique and easy application suite for translators and translation teams. It runs on Microsoft Windows desktops where translators convert translation memories into advanced translation engines that produce translation suggestions tailored to their writing styles.

Slate Desktop™ is based on the world’s leading Moses statistical translation toolkit and is the only automatic translation solution to take this state-of-the-art machine translation technology out of the cloud and onto Windows desktops where translators can control it.

memoQ is a leading computer-assisted translation tool with a large and loyal user base developed by Kilgray Translation Technologies. Slate Rocks LLC, developers of Slate Desktop™, worked with Kilgray’s team to fulfill memoQ customers’ demands to seamlessly connect to Slate Desktop™.

This connector integration means that memoQ users can use their familiar memoQ workbench to improve Slate’s suggestions.

Slate Desktop™ is available for memoQ build 124 or higher. To use this functionality, make sure this build is installed on your computer. If you want to download the build, visit the memoQ download page.

I am happy that we have released the Slate Desktop™ connector ahead of schedule. memoQ users have been asking for this connectivity. It’s always gratifying to support our users in their wishes to benefit from new technologies, while still working within the comfort of the trusted memoQ environment.

István Lengyel, CEO, Kilgray Translation Technologies

Slate Desktop™ helps translators deliver high-quality translations but that’s only the beginning. By working in memoQ, their chosen environment with suggestions in their writing style, memoQ users work faster with less stress. That’s exciting! Thank you, István, for sharing this vision.

Tom Hoar, Founder and CEO, Slate Rocks LLC

To learn more, visit and contact us to sign up for a demonstration of Slate Desktop™ with memoQ.

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