Igor Goldfarb (en-ru)

Igor Goldfarb

Slate greatly improves my speed and the quality of my translations without any stress at all.

Emma Goldsmith (es-en)

Emma Goldsmith

Slate has the edge not only in look-up times but also in making quick tweaks to a terminology file.

Pieter Beens (en-nl)

Pieter Biens

Words I’ve used long ago are popping up in my screen in nearly perfect sentences – and they fit my style.

Tiago Neto (en-pt)

Tiago Neto

There’s good news with Slate. It would have paid itself this week, and that’s not a bad metric in my book.

Miroslav Pošta (en-cz)

Miroslav Posta

Many of the suggestions don’t need any editing at all, while some only require editing of word endings.