Can you guarantee that Slate Desktop™ will do a good job for me?

No. Think about it. Microsoft can not and does not guarantee that Word creates Pulitzer-winning novels. They guarantee functions like bold, styles and layout work.

Adobe can not and does not guarantee that Photoshop creates award-winning graphics. They guarantee that the circle tool draws a circle and the fill tool uses blue when you want.

The same is true with Slate Desktop™. We guarantee the tools give you a medium to work. The more you use these tools, the better you get at expressing your creativity through the medium.

About 90% of customers report Slate Desktop™ helps them realize their goals. You won’t know how it works for you until test it. During that time, I guarantee that you’ll experience a great product with the best customer support. I guarantee to refund your purchase if you simply ask and uninstall within 30 days, no conditions attached.

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