How can I test Slate Desktop™?

If you know how to use a file/open dialog in MS Word, then you know how to import your translation memories into Slate Desktop™. If you know how to use an MT connector in your CAT, like DeepL in Trados Studio, then you know how to use Slate Desktop™‘s MT connector.

The only question remaining is will your translation memories perform to your liking as a training corpus. I’m ready to help you, as my customer, explore the strange and new concepts in Slate Desktop™. Only you can answer the questions and you have 30 days to experience your engines and evaluate their impact on your work.

Money Back Guarantee – Buy Slate Desktop™, experience great technical support and learn how your translation memories perform as machine translation. If you’re not fully satisfied, uninstall Slate Desktop™ and request a refund within 30 days of your purchase. We will refund your full purchase price immediately – no questions asked.