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SlateMT (machine translation) software runs privately on your Windows PC, assisting as you work in computer-assisted translation tools like Trados Studio, memoQ, CafeTran, OmegaT, and more.

This study explored new benchmarks that an individual translator can use to predict his own experience when using a machine translation (MT) system as an assistive translation technology to perform daily work.

It is divided into two evaluations of the 31 sets. One evaluates Google’s neural MT (GNMT). The other evaluates a translator-customized statistical MT (CSMT) system from the respective translators. The BLEU and edit-distance (Levenshtein) scores benchmarks to predict a translator’s experiences.

Click here to download the report, complete with all raw scores.

SlateMT Is Different

A Better MT Experience

SlateMT helps you organize and convert your translation memories into personalized translation engines on your personal computer. Your machine builds your engins from the ground-up and drafts translations in your style.

Who's Using SlateMT?

Slate greatly improves my speed and the quality of my translations without any stress at all.

Igor Goldfarb (en-ru)
Igor Goldfarb

It gives some helpful suggestions, which I didn’t really expect. My first experience is surprisingly positive.

Anonymous Translator 2 (en-pl)
Anonymous Translator

Words I’ve used long ago are popping up in my screen in nearly perfect sentences – and they fit my style.

Pieter Beens (en-nl)
Pieter Biens

Full-featured assistive translation software for professionals with all supported languages.

Full-featured assistive translation software standard in one language pair for professionals.

Connect your CAT tool to any Slate™ engine created with other Slate products.

Intelligent Personal Assistant

Why Use SlateMT?

Superior Quality

Generic MT service bureaus deliver one-size-fits-all quality. Some Internet services customize engines that delivers hit-n-miss quality. SlateMT tailors your personalized translation engine to you. It learns your writing style from your TMs and creates superior suggestions with your words and style.

User Friendly

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are advanced technologies that sound intimidating. Slate Rocks! specialized in creating user-friendly applications that make these technologies intuitively work for you. Technophobe or engineer, reuse your knowledge of TMs and CAT tools. You’re up and running in no time.

Rent vs Buy

When you buy SlateMT, you own the license and customized SlateMT engines you create. No per-word fees. No hidden costs. When you subscribe to an online service, you rent time on their system and your customized engines are lost if you don’t pay the subscription.

Slate Desktop Translate CSV XLIFF

Supported CATs

After you create SlateMT engines, they automatically appear as machine translation providers in your computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. We support you with Trados Studio, memoQ, CafeTran and OmegaT, with more to come.


SlateMT supports any combination of 33 languages and the number of supported languages keeps growing. That means your Slate MT application with your TMs can translate between 1,056 language pairs with more language pairs to come.

Who is Slate Rocks?

We are translator advocates who care deeply about how language technologies contribute to the future of translation services and the public good.

We and our visionary partners are passionately transforming translation services into a safe marketplace where technologies enable authentic businesses of all sizes to buy and sell services safely everywhere around the globe.

Slate Desktop in Action

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